The main office


Our office is easy to reach by using Line 3 (yellow line) of the Milan underground (Missori and Crocetta stations).
The nearest taxi parking are located in Corso di Porta Romana and Corso Italia.
The nearest private cars parking is the “Parcheggio del Centro” in Via Calderon de la Barca (crossing Via Lentasio).

Other locations


Since May 2015, the firm has opened a new office in Rome to ensure a more direct service to its customers of the capital. The headquarters is in via Giacomo Puccini 10, just few steps from the beautiful park of Villa Borghese, inside the Pinciano neighborhood.


Since 1999 the Studio has been conducting business relations with Cabinet Bensussan of Paris, which also operates in the sector of industrial, corporate and commercial law.
Active both in the consulting and legal fields, Cabinet Bensussan focuses especially on matters involving technological (mainly TLC and biotechnologies), distributional and industrial law, as well as in banking and stock exchange regulations.
Cabinet Bensussan represents, in turn, the hub of a network of international connections with the practices IDEACT (Paris), Sanchez Lambas (Madrid), Kornemaier (Germany) and Van Der Wolf (Netherlands).