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Activities and Services

Fields of activity

Either directly or through its national and foreign partners, the firm offers consulting and legal services – both in and out of court (contracts, opinions and arbitration) in the main fields of business law.

When necessary, all the problems it handles can also be dealt with from an international standpoint, particularly in relation to EU law


Services details

Since it was established, the firm has cultivated its natural abilities as a legal boutique, focusing on the search for quality and on a high level of customisation for the professional services it offers.
The following flow-chart describes the main types of services.


The indications listed below, divided into the main types of services, express the typical assistance procedures that the firm generally offers its clientele. Nevertheless, each client can decide to eliminate certain phases of the procedure or to implement more complex procedures.

Legal Counsel and Assistance

Promotion or defence of disputes

  • Ordinary and precautionary proceedings
  • Case analysis
  • Preliminary written opinion (where appropriate)
  • Co-operation with Client in search for evidence
  • Preparation of preliminary deeds
  • Meeting with client for verification of facts
  • Personal intervention in hearings
  • Immediate information on outcome
  • Preparation of further deeds
  • Written opinions on development of the case and suitability of reaching settlement (where appropriate)
  • Assistance in search for settlement solutions
  • Negotiation with opponent lawyers
  • Preparation of deeds of composition or of settlement
  • Enforcement of orders and decisions

Out-Of Court Assistance

Case analysis

  • In depth case law and doctrinal research
  • Preparation of written opinions (no oral opinions are given)
    – Pro veritate opinions (legal opinions)
    – Pro parte opinions
    – Working opinions
    – Opinions on the state of the dispute
  • Supplementary explanations requested by the Client
  • Preparation of enforcement documentation
  • Preparation of enforcement solutions

Contractual Services

Individual contracts

  • Case analysis
  • Discussion of business plan with the Client
  • Preparation of preliminary documentation (secrecy agreements, privacy agreements, letters of intent, legal due diligence)
  • Preparation of draft contracts or review of counterpart proposals
  • Technical-legal adaptation of any supplements requested by the Client
  • Preparation of accessory contractual agreements (underwriting agreements, lettres de patronage, side letters, shareholders agreements, offering circulars)
  • Direct assistance in negotiations Indirect assistance (through inter-exchanges with Clients who intend to directly manage negotiations)
  • Preparation of interlocutory documentation
  • Direct contact with lawyers of the counterpart
  • Preparation and cultivation of applications to competent authorities (for any authorisation procedures)
  • Assistance during the phase for stipulation of contracts (including management of relations with other professionals)
  • Post-contractual advice for the resolution of interpretative or enforcement problems

Standard contracts

  • Case analysis
  • Preparation of draft contracts
  • Preparation of accessory contractual documents (including through the creation of customised standard forms)
  • Technical-legal adaptation of any supplements requested by the Client
  • Discussion of drafts
  • Tests based on simulation of disputes during enforcement phase
  • Resistance tests in light of legal and case law developments concerning illegal clauses
  • Advice for the resolution of interpretative and enforcement problems

Compliance and Governance

Compliance advisoring

  • Case analysis
  • Check-up of existing  systems (by means, if necessary, inspections and auditing with the Client)
  • Possible preliminary opinion
  • Texts modification or compliance documents set-up
  • Interlocution with the Authorities in order to optimize the choice effects
  • Possible reviews and modifications
  • Follow-up for starting-up and updating

Compliance services

  • Case analysis
  • Possible preliminary opinion
  • rafting of documents (prospectus, synthetic notes, information documents, listing request)
  • Documents filing with the Authorities
  • Interlocution with the Authorities for possible modifications and additions (possibility for the Client to elect domicile at  the Firm in order to simplify and speed-up the proceedings)
  • Assistance to banks and/or consortiums in placement actions
  • Possible reviews and re-elaboration

Governance services

  • Case analysis
  • Costs/benefits assessment of current and alternative systems
  • Projecting of governance architectures
  • Drafting of corporate documents
  • Interlocution with Authorities for possible modifications and additions
  • Possible subsequent adjustments
  • Follow-up for starting-up and updating

Other Services

Creation of terms and conditions, internal procedures, codes of conduct

  • Case analysis
  • Preparation of drafts
  • Technical-legal adaptation of any supplements requested by the Client
  • Discussion of drafts
  • Direct assistance in presentation to and dialogue with parties concerned
  • Advice in the resolution of interpretative or enforcement problems

Legal check ups and reviews of organisation and trading procedures

  • Case analysis
  • Verification of legality of systems (including by way of inspections and legal auditing of the Client)
  • Preparation of amendment texts
  • Advice for the resolution of interpretative and enforcement problems